Laser eye surgery, like all surgical procedures, is risky, and yet high street optical retailers so often appear to play down the likelihood of complications.

Although many ophthalmic specialists say the chances of suffering severe visual complications from laser eye surgery are low, reports are surfacing from the US disputing this opinion.

Anyone considering laser eye surgery such as LASIK or LASEK should make themselves aware of the risks beforehand, indeed it is a legal requirement for the surgeon to fully inform the patient of the risks and alternative treatment before they consent to the procedure, and yet this is not always the case.

A recent article in the New York Times highlighted some of the long-term problems caused by LASIK laser eye surgery including blurred or double vision, burning, light sensitivity and extremely dry eyes.

Worryingly there is a wide perception among patients that the procedure is virtually foolproof, a point that seems to be fostered by many clinics and eye surgeons.

As far back as 2008, however, patients who had received LASIK made clear about its impact with impaired vision and chronic pain that led to job loss, disability, social isolation, depression, and even suicides.

Serious questions remain unanswered about the short and long-term implications and the complications of this common procedure.

Here the UK, the NHS says that as many as 1 in 10 people having laser eye surgery require further corrective treatment, a key point which people should be aware of whilst considering having the procedure, and yet appears all too often conveniently brushed under the carpet.

If you are considering laser eye surgery or lens replacement surgery it is crucial you understand the risks of the procedure, other treatment options that are available or even if you are a suitable candidate in the first place.

Alternatively, if you have been adversely affected by laser eye surgery you may be entitled to compensation.

Can you claim?

Laser eye surgery, like all surgical procedures, is risky, and yet high street optical retailers...
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